Bon Voyage: Think On The Bright Side EP

by Gavan Holden

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(c) 2013 Gavan Holden

Think On The Bright Side & And That's When You Sang are demos for the upcoming album Bon Voyage: I'll See You When We're Dead
This Time, Next Year is a B-Side


released February 12, 2013

Think On The Bright Side (c) 2013 Gavan Holden
And That's When You Sang (c) 2012 Gavan Holden
This Time, Next Year (c) 2013 Gavan Holden
Piss And Vinegar (c) 2009 Funny Like A Funeral



all rights reserved


Gavan Holden Greensboro, North Carolina

From the Greensboro bands Funny Like A Funeral, Basement Life, and Corvids. Gavan's solo-acoustic project began in May of 2011 and has been tauted as dark, melodic, tender and haunting.

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Track Name: Think On The Bright Side
I sit on my bed
every night and sing songs about death
thinking about the point
of why I even try at all instead
keeping quiet hurts
so I put my coffin before the hearse
but this heart's still beating,
bleeding while my hands and neck rehearse

something is missing
no one is even listening
fucking pathetic singers
with rusting fingers

the words I sing
they must only cling to me
when they carry my voice
they must lose all meaning
they do nothing for my anguish
just the tune of isolation from the rest

I must be kidding
I feel so empty

bits of sleep and concrete sheets
surgical dreams to the infirmary
bitter pills sink into bitter drinks
the actor is reading but the esteem is fleeting

there is no regret for the sunset
this drink is to forget
so I'll wash my hands of their demands
and drink until I'm dead

fight the good fight
and live on the dark side
or turn a blind eye
think on the bright side
Track Name: And That's When You Sang
my insides have roamed the desert
searching for drops of water
your love stranded on an island
with your trees and merit growing taller

and that's when you sang
turn your bow this way
oh, lonely seafarer
enter my green mirror

symmetry like the tropic of cancer
I hear your voice getting nearer
and I need to wet my tongue
and you've got the perfect chaser

do you feel me smiling at you
from across the deep blue
sea me in my dreams
sailing toward your retreat
you've got your rocks and stones
and your siren songs

you light the fire in my soul
and make in bearable to be alone
Track Name: This Time, Next Year
you keep your eyes down on your plate
and proclaim that it's too little, too late
the words pass by like contrails from your face
to hide expressions like a masquerade
this isn't a party
and no one's laughing
I guess it's getting late and you'll be walking home
the three blocks in the fig leaf that you've put on
it will shield you from the whole unknown
I would shadow but I'm done chasing unicorns

this time, next year
I'll be punch-drunk on distractions
and you'll try to appear
but my indifference is resilient